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Slim-lax tabets

Slim-lax tablets

(Rich with natural fibers)slim lax


Each tablet contains:

Dietary cellulose fibers (rich content)
Dandelion (Traxacum officinale) dry extract (6.2%)
Ispaghul (Plantago psyllium) dry extract (25%)
Fennel (Foeneculum vulgare) dry extract (6.2%)

Chicory (Cichorium intybus) dry extract (4.3%)



Slim-lax is a well selected safe natural herbal extracts that containhigh contents of cellulose and other dietary fibers, Fennel and other herbs which have an effective role in helping weight control through different mechanisms as stimulation of metabolism process, prevention of fat absorption from GIT, laxative effect, discharge of excessive body  water and giving sensation of fullness.

Slim-lax is safe for all ages.


 - As a rich source of natural fibers.

 - Helps in weight control

 - Helps relieving mild constipation 



Dosage and administration:
Two tablets to be taken twice daily before meals,with abundant water (3-4glasses)