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We are, at Elrazy Pharma, committed to satisfy our customers' needs and expectations through designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing high quality, effective and safe branded and generic pharmaceutical ingredients and products that cure diseases and improve the quality of life.

We are committed to do that along with the application of cGMP and relevant international regulations of drug manufacturing with continual improvement of the effectiveness of the company quality system.

We will operate in sustainable manner scientifically, economically, socially and environmentally with commitment to continued growth and secure a fair return on investments.

We believe that, establishing and maintaining very strong Quality and Environment Management System which satisfies the requirements of International standards of QMS such as ISO 9001, EMS as ISO 14001 and all the national environmental laws is a basic way to reach our commitment.

While continually striving to achieve the company strategic objectives, we consider that developing our employees' skills and knowladgement and achieving maximum benefits of our resources and measurable evaluation and reviewing of these quality and environment objectives is our priority.

Dr. Alaa A.Elsattar


EL-RAZY's Pharma. Q.M.S. is the way to keep our Quality up. This goal is achieved only bybuilding the Quality into the product during:

·         Planning of the Infrastructure needed to achieve conforming to product requirements.

·         Planning to improve competence, awareness and training to EL-RAZY's Pharma. human resources.

·         Customer communication.

·         Research and development. 

·         Raw materials, packaging materials and other specific materials purchasing process. 

·         Updating the technology and manufacturing techniques.


The factory  is built  and directed  according to the current Good Manufacturing Practice ( cGMP ) regulations .

Our broad scope of products have been selected carefully in order to meet the actual needs of different customers  in different countries taking into consideration the following  priorities :- 


- New more effective products  to replace  the old .
- New Technology in the pharmaceutical industry .
- Mutual co-operation with local and international  pharma research centers .