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El-RAZY Pharma is an Egyptian pharmaceutical Company , established as a private investment by a group of  Pharma experts with more than 20 years  experience in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industry .

El-Razy was named after the famous and greatest medicine scientist  in the Arabic and Islamic world ABU BAKR MOHAMMAD BIN ZAKARYA  AL-RAZY ( Famous as RHAZES or RASIS) , who also considered the  father of medicine  in the Arabic and Islamic world .elrazy

Our Vision:

- for our customers : we will add value for customers by providing high quality cost effective therapy.

 - for our employees : we will provide our employees with environment which promotes creativity and allows them to learn and grow in an atmosphere of respect and recognition.

 - for  Shareholders : we will be among the global leading manfacturing and exporting companies by means which provide increased shareholder value. 

Our Mission:

We will consistently work to improve our customers quality of life through providing the global markets with high quality healthcare products at affordable prices which meet our custmers expectations at fair profit margin.

Our Company :

 Our company is built on a firm foundation of talented and motivated people who see quality as the only way to go. EL-RAZY Pharma. has been very careful to build a workforce of young and dynamic employees who are encouraged to make independent decisions that facilitate their work and who operate on their own accountability which keeps them motivated and confident. We believe in our people and we create an environment to enable them to grow as individuals, since that is the way we will grow as a company.

Another way  EL-RAZY Pharma. Distinguishes itself is our commitment to research and development. R&D is, quite simply, the backbone of the pharmaceutical industry. Our long-term plans include developing our own products in tandem with various research organizations with which we've already started to form alliances